Taigen Early Tiger 1 1/16th Scale Kit

Taigen Early Tiger 1 (Build it airsoft, infrared, or static!)


This is the early production Tiger 1 kit in 1/16th scale. This kit includes all the components to make either an airsoft, infrared, or a static version. Electronics are required for airsoft or infrared functions (we offer a full kit, TAG120616). This kit is unpainted and requires assembly. It comes with a metal chassis, metal drive wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, adjustable metal idler wheels, metal caterpillar tracks, metal turret, metal barrel, metal gun muzzle, metal torsion bar suspension, metal suspension arms, and our new CNC machined steel gearboxes. A full highly detailed manual is included and can be previewed here below. Parts support is available!

Manufacturer Taigen Tanks