IMEX MX4 50W 5A AC/DC Lipo/NIMH Charger/Balancer

AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger
This charger is the new MX4 from IMEX. It supports up to a 6 cell Lipo and will charge with little effort! The charger also comes with a barrel plug connector and alligator clips for the DC input, 4mm banana connectors with T-Plug/Deans connector, and AC 110V input cord. The charge process is as simple as pressing the button to select between NIMH and Lipo and then long pressing to initiate a charge. After the charge is complete you will get an audible tone and the LED light will turn back green. Thats it! Just always make sure to connect your balance connectors if you charge a Lipo!
Manufacturer IMEX